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The Digitalization Challenge


We all talk about the opportunities and challenges with the digitalization. Gartner even talk about it as having “… moved from the shadows to centre stage, creating winners and losers in all industries and geographies”. Adding to this we have such challenges as “Internet of Things”, “Smart Machines”, “Context-Rich systems”, etc.

Service Model implementation

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Lack of good, efficient and implemented Service Models for delivered services often causes unnecessary quality problems and disturbances in the service delivery, leaving the customer very unsatisfied. A Service Model describes how the service providers’ service assets interact with their customers’ assets, and by that create value in the customers’ business.

Service Models – God’s gift to Service Management?

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Are there problems in your service delivery you can’t put your finger on? Are your resources struggling, doing their best, but still your customer isn’t really satisfied? Maybe you have read about Service Models and want to know more?

Issues before the new GDPR data protection regulation takes effect

Checklist for handling the new GDPR data regulation Issues before the new GDPR data protection regulation takes effect If you run a business in Sweden that handles personal data, you should consider a number of issues related to the upcoming EU legislation (GPDR) and how to act on these. This is to prepare yourself for when the new law takes effect in May 2018. Then, there should be elaborated procedures, processes and responsible persons on the spot. Even to make adjustments in the organization and in some internal IT support system may be necessary. These issues can be summarized as follows: [...]

Key take-aways from the most recent CIO Roundtable

During our last byBrick CIO Roundtable in March, we discussed the possibilities, challenges and future opportunities of building integrated portfolio management. With inspirational presentations from the actual status at Volvo Cars Group IT and the approach that will be taken with Mood Edge, the soon to be launched application to increase and optimize business outcomes, we organized a mini-workshop with representatives from amongst others, Volvo Group, Intersport, GKN Aerospace, Saab, Borås City, Stena Metall, the Swedish County Administration, the Swedish Church and Gina Tricot.   We understood that it is vital to include the business in the discussions about how [...]

Digital business. Analogue outcomes.

Applying digital transformation to business outcome management Ultimately, even digital transformation is still about achieving the same old traditional analogue outcomes for the business. The twist is that to keep up with business operations, processes for managing a business to these outcomes had better undergo a degree of digitisation themselves if they are to remain effective.   ‘Digital transformation’ is a phrase with many meanings and, seeing a headline, you’re never quite sure what you’re going to read about – the automation of manual processes? The creation of new business models? Machine learning in the workplace, and the end of [...]

GDPR – The new data protection regulation

Data protection law GDPR The new data protection regulation in the EU, GDPR, takes effect in Sweden in May 2018 and will replace the Personal Data Act (PUL). It will also be complemented with national rules. Thanks to the digital revolution this is an accelerated regulation. The purpose of the new regulation is to create uniform data protection rules across the EU, allowing companies to operate easier in the EU internal market. Will GDPR affect your business? The new law contains major changes compared to the past and some new provisions have been added. This means among other things that the personal rights are amplified and that [...]