Whitepaper “How do you start your GDPR journey?” (Report in Swedish)

Whitepaper “How do you start your GDPR journey?” (Report in Swedish) 2018-05-24T20:37:44+00:00

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How do you start your GDPR journey?

This autumn, many companies will engage the GDPR challenge. Whereas they earlier only looked at the topic, understood what this is all about, became aware that this is not something to dodge and considered the possibilities to plan for these efforts amongst all other important initiatives, now is the time to start working, else you will run out of time.


Become GDPR compliant

GDPR can invoke many major changes for the entire company. Not only the agreements and a few systems require adaptations, but specifically the culture and the way how the various business processes relate to collection, management and the storage of personal data needs to be reviewed. In this whitepaper (in Swedish), Bengt Jidéus and Ronald van Veen describe the experiences they have collected in cooperation and dialogues with customers in this respect. It has become a tool for management to understand how to divide the work and how to manage the various sub-projects in a parallel fashion.


We invite you to take advantage of these experiences by downloading our whitepaper here. If you should have further questions, or require support in your efforts to become compliant with the new regulations, you are welcome to contact us at byBrick.


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GDPR anpassa verksamheten - Become GDPR compliant | Whitepaper from Transforming.Business

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