Service Models – God’s gift to Service Management?

Service Models – God’s gift to Service Management? 2017-11-01T09:22:13+00:00

Project Description

Service management and examples from 10 service models

Are there problems in your service delivery you can’t put your finger on? Are your resources struggling, doing their best, but still your customer isn’t really satisfied? Maybe you have read about Service Models and want to know more?


“OK” you say, “You tell us that Service Models are “God’s gift to Service Management”. But how do we know that? Can you prove it?” And I hear you. There is nothing as frustrating as being told about the redemption but not being able to see it, or believe it. In this second article on Service Models I will make a try to prove it for you with 10 examples of what a Service Model should contain. Dependent on ambition and criticality it could (or should) contain up to 40 elements, but these are good to start with.


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