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We live in a world where digital transformation is one of the key competitive tools for modern businesses. On the Transforming.Business blog, we will provide support and insights to both business and IT management in key issues on how to succeed in this digital transformation.
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What is needed to merge ITIL and DevOps?

ITIL Blogseries 2/3 In my previous post I concluded that DevOps and ITIL should both be embraced, this to more successfully engage with the business in order to create value adding services. In a study I performed among Swedish CIO’s (Bimodal Trend Report 2016) the same recommendation emerged, as the bimodal [...]

How to develop the organisation to embrace both DevOps and ITIL

ITIL Blog Series 3/3 DevOps is increasing its popularity and there is a sense of urgency amongst IT service providers to not miss this train. They want to ensure that they are on the wagon and will benefit from this new way of working, lest the business will remove [...]

Have we seen the last of ITIL?

ITIL Blog Series 1/3 During the last year, many of my customers have been asking me not to talk ITIL anymore. ‘…Please tell us how we can use DevOps in order to better meet the customer demands, especially to faster deliver the new service solutions with even more flexibility. [...]

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