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A warm welcome to Transforming.Business!

We who run this website are driven by a passion to develop companies and businesses by combining human capabilities with the possibilities of digital technology. We all live in an increasingly complex world in which the digital progress is in high speed and the opportunities are many for transforming business. By simplifying and visualizing information and knowledge, we can now make decisions much faster and on an more relevant basis than we could do before. With the right information we are able to simplify complexity and focus on what is important for our business. And today, when all business is becoming more and more service-based, the focus should be how to deliver the right customer value. That’s what determines whether a business is successful or not!

I hope that this website can spread some of our knowledge and simplify what is complex. And hopefully inspire you in your journey to be involved in developing the business you operate or are strategically responsible for.

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Mats Hultman
CEO, byBrick Management

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